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What Does Special Projects Do in Starfield?

There are so many systems in Starfield that it can be confusing for certain high-level skills in the game, such as Special Projects. What exactly does the Special Projects skill do? After all, you can unlock this skill’s first rank and still not see any new projects appear when you go to the research station. This is what you need to know about these skills.

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How Does the Special Projects Skill Work in Starfield?

Special Projects is a rank four master-level skill in the Starfield Science category. It takes quite a bit of leveling up and ranking up skills to unlock this skill in the first place. All the skill notes is it unlocks special projects for players to research and craft in the game, but doesn’t give much indication to what exactly these skills are.

Worse still, you can go through all of the trouble to unlock various Science skills to access and rank up this one, only to find nothing when you head to the nearest research station. This is because there are some prerequisites involved with the Special Projects skill. You need to actually unlock the various projects that involve this skill before you see its true purpose.

For instance, if you focus on weapon mods and researching that section, you’ll need to progress through your research until you hit the higher-level options. These options will not only require understandable skills like Weapon Engineering, but they may also require you to have Special Projects unlocked.

Special Projects on its own doesn’t do much without a ton of experience researching in the game, be it spacesuit designs, booster packs, crafting materials, and the like. I highly suggest finding a realm of research you want to specialize in before unlocking Special Projects, and then getting it once you reach high-level content that requires it. Then, when you head to an Industrial Workbench, you can create rare, exotic, and unique crafting materials.

Starfield is available for the Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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