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What Is the Wuthering Waves Rover Character Name?

In Wuthering Waves, players assume the role of a protagonist known simply as “the Rover.” However, some players might be curious: does the Rover character in Wuthering Waves have a canonical name?

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What is Rover’s name in Wuthering Waves?

In Wuthering Waves, the main character Rover does not have a canonical name. This narrative choice is due to the protagonist being an amnesiac. This plot device allows players to project their own identity onto the character.

While some games still provide default names for blank slate protagonists, Wuthering Waves opts to leave this detail ambiguous. Ideally, this could enhance the player’s immersive experience. A gender choice also enforces this idea of immersion.

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A potential future for Rover in Wuthering Waves

The lack of a fixed name for Rover underscores themes of discovery and personal journey. However, it is entirely possible a more detailed backstory may be revealed in future updates or expansions. This could even mean their real name is a later plot point.

A similar narrative technique was employed in the critically acclaimed Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. In this game, the protagonist also begins with no memory of their past and is a blank slate. However, the player later discovers that they are a very important figure in the story.

This twist not only deepened the storyline, but also redefined the player’s understanding of their character’s role and potential. Players then had to choose, just like the protagonist, whether they would continue the path they were on or go back to who they were before.

Wuthering Waves may follow a similar path. The revelation of the Rover’s true identity could add significant depth to the plot and character development. For now, the absence of a canonical name allows players to shape their own journey.

This approach keeps the Wuthering Waves narrative flexible and player-centered, while leaving room for a story that could unveil more about Rover as the game progresses. Alternatively, Rover just doesn’t have a canonical name and never will, it wouldn’t be the first or last game to do so.

What should I name the Rover in Wuthering Waves?

Any name you like (that isn’t offensive) could be a good fit! As they are a mysterious figure, don’t feel like you need to be bound by conventional names. However, as there is a co-op element in the game, it’s probably best to not use your actual name or any kind of username, in the event you play with other people.

Wuthering Waves is free-to-play and available on iOS, Android and PC.

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