How to talk to the ornate mirror Baldur’s gate 3
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What to Tell the Baldur’s Gate 3 Ornate Mirror

Baldur’s Gate 3 features countless secrets, including areas that you normally wouldn’t be able to find without quite a bit of exploration. One of the most hidden secrets is the Ornate Mirror in Baldur’s Gate 3, which have to say the right words to in order to access it.

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How to talk to the ornate mirror Baldur’s gate 3

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How to Complete the Ornate Mirror Quest in Baldur’s Gate 3

First and foremost, you want to head to the Blighted Village in Baldur’s Gate 3, which is west of the Emerald Grove. There is a house directly south of the fast travel waypoint here, which has a wooden hatch that takes you to the cellar.

Head inside here and then go to the northern corner of the room. There is a large bookcase against the wall, a painting to the left of it, and then some crates further to the left. If you pass a perception check, you’ll learn about the secret lever here. Regardless, you can destroy the crates to use the lever to access a secret passage.

This takes you to the Ornate Mirror, which asks you who you are. There are a couple of ways to get the mirror to open up for you, but the easiest way to do it without passing any skill checks is to say the following options:

  • Tell it your name
  • “Yes, I am an ally.”
  • “A foul lich.”
  • “To clean a wound?”
  • Choose whatever you like. Just don’t say “I’d see the ones I love.”

If you say those lines in that order, you’ll unlock the mirror and access the lab where you can find the Necromancy of Thay book.

Alternatively, you can go the route I did and force your way in. I used the Wizard skill check to learn more about the mirror. From there, I used the Dragonborn-specific line of telling it a fake name. And then I used an intimidation skill check to force it to open up for me. This got me some extra XP and completed the task in much shorter time.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is available for PCs and will release for the PS5 on September 6, 2023.

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