Level 5 International America are teasing… something. They’ve erected a teaser website with a rotating black box on the page, and a tweet that says: “What do you think is in the box?”


What’s inside? Who knows. We know that Level 5 plan on releasing Liberation Maiden in the west. Additionally, Level 5 also highlighted their entire Tokyo Game Show line-up in English, but said there are no plans to release games like Fantasy Life and Little Battlers eXperience outside Japan “at this time”.


Note that, at TGS, Level 5 CEO, Akihiro Hino said to Siliconera that Level 5 International America’s job involves both facilitating western releases of their Japanese games, as well as potentially taking the lead on original titles aimed at the west.


Update: Thanks to reader, varav, for pointing out that we actually reported on a “Black Box” trademark by Level 5 two years ago! Could the tease be related to that?


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