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What’s New In Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory II?



Now that Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory II released in Japan on PlayStation 4, 4Gamer put together a video that shows off some of the early parts and basics of the game, to give you a little recap on how the game plays. Here’s a summary of the video.


After another look at Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory II’s opening video, the video starts out with a look at some of the basics of battle, featuring a party of Neptune, her sister Nepgear, and the new character Uzume.


It gives a short explanation on how it’s more effective to hit enemies from their flank or behind to do more damage, and they’ll also do the same and attempt to do the same towards your party.


They then demonstrate a little on the “Parts Break” feature that can be done by hitting enemies from certain positions for a chance of being able to do more damage against their bodies and armor. Once their armor breaks, their defense lowers and sometimes it’ll prevent them from being able to use skills.


Formation skills are when party members position themselves to have enemies at the center of the connected green lines, which is demonstrated by the party at around the 1:40 mark of the video. Formation skills are powerful, and recommended to use in boss fights.


There’s also a combo-making system, where you can make up your own line of combos that using Rush, Power, and Standard attacks. Depending on what type of weapon you use, attack range will vary, too. Some weapons are strong but have low range, and vice versa.


The video then follows up with a look at a boss fight, and advancing through the story while taking on routes and dungeons. Players who are new to the series won’t have much to worry about, as the game reintroduces all the key characters, so you can catch up on who is who.


Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory II is currently available in Japan for PlayStation 4.

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