Nintendo 3DS

What’s That Huge Contraption? It’s Pokémon Tretta Lab For 3DS!


Pokémon Tretta is an arcade game developed by Nintendo and Marvelous AQL in which you battle Pokémon by collecting physical discs called Tretta. In May, it was announced that the arcade game is coming to the 3DS in the form of Pokémon Tretta Lab.



The 3DS game will come with a large peripheral that scans in Tretta. It uses the same Tretta as the arcade machine, but in case you don’t have any, the game will come packaged with a Lucario, Eevee, and Mewtwo Tretta in honor of the movie Extremespeed Genesect: Mewtwo’s Awakening. People who pre-order the game will also receive a Pichu Tretta. The scanner requires two AA batteries and also comes with two attachment trays, so it will fit with either your 3DS or 3DS LL.


To play the game, you first need to scan the QR code that comes with the scanner and download the Pokémon Tretta Lab Main System. The game has three modes: Tretta Analyzer, Type Checker, and Auto-Battle.


Tretta Analyzer lets you find out your Pokémon’s attributes, whereas Type Checker lets you check type advantages between two Pokémon, as well as check a list of Pokémon and how to obtain them. The Auto-Battle mode lets you use your Tretta to fight enemies or your friends who also have the game.


Pokémon Tretta Lab will be released on August 10. Despite the size of the scanner, the package costs only 3,800 yen.