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What’s the Best Stardew Valley Crop?

There are a lot of reasons to play Stardew Valley. Relaxation. Connection. Exploring new content. Making lots of money so you can do absolutely anything you want. That last one can mean sometimes you’ll find one Stardew Valley crop is better than other for your needs. We figured with the 1.6 patch out for PCs and people getting reestablished, we should all share our tips and help each other out!

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Blueberries! Oh. My. God. Do you know how much I invested into blueberries in Stardew Valley after I realized it was my best crop? My greenhouse? All those beautiful berries. My fields? When they’re in season, berries. It constantly regrows, so you’re only investing in the seeds one time. Seeds cost 80g per bag, and you’re at minimum getting three berries each worth at least 50g. Plus you could make it into wine or jam. It’s too good. — Jenni

For me, it has to be strawberries! I agree with Jenni, blueberries are exceptional but strawberries feel like the poster child (err, crop?) for Stardew Valley. It is one of the earliest crops I grew, it gives a decent profit, and it regrows after a few days. It embodies the wonderful spring season so well, so it always feels like my go-to when I need a quick buck in the game. — Cody

In terms of my personal favorite, that would have to be Pumpkins. I know, this is a pretty terrible answer. However, my favorite season has always been Autumn, and nothing symbolizes the Fall season like a pumpkin. Maybe it’s because I grew up in California (which doesn’t get a true Autum season), but I’ve always used games like Stardew Valley to live my seasonal dreams out vicariously.

If we are talking about the best overall crops, then I would go with Strawberry or Blueberry. While Taro Root and Pineapple can fetch a lot more money, they also take longer to grow. Not to mention the rarer crops  have seeds that are much harder to obtain (such as the Traveling Merchant, or specific locations). But on a personal level, I still go back to Pumpkins every time. — Brent

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