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What’s Your Favorite Collector’s Edition?

favorite collector's edition persona 5 cat

Upcoming limited edition releases like Shin Megami Tensei’s “Fall of Man” edition have us thinking: what’s your favorite collector’s edition release? With cool bonuses and physical goodies, they can be a lot of fun. Here are ours. Let us know yours in the comments!

The most likely thing to get me to shell out for a collector’s edition of something is if I can tell myself the goods included will be useful. That’s partly why pack-in DLC tends to tempt me! But as far as physical goods go? It’s the bags and containers that draw my eye, especially if they look interesting.

To this day I use the Shujin Academy school bag that came with Persona 5‘s Take Your Heart Edition as a day bag. It may be a pale imitation of the actual school bags used by Japanese high schoolers, but it does the job and has proved reasonably sturdy! I also keep a number of valuables in the metal Grand Theft Auto IV-branded safety deposit box that came with that game’s collector’s edition (the first game I bought upon buying a PS3). — Josh

fire emblem fates special edition best

As cool as cool little objects can be, my favorite collector’s edition feature is functionality. Like the Sakura Wars VMU! Or the Boxboy! Qbby amiibo!

The ultimate functionality, though? A bit more preservation. Fire Emblem Fates‘ Special Edition release includes the Revelation campaign, a third route that’s otherwise download-only, directly on the game card. Someday, it may be the only legitimate way to play it! Which in and of itself is sort of a systemic problem. And that’s a bummer. But it doesn’t make the cartridge less cool. — Graham

favorite collector's edition story of seasons plush

I don’t often buy collector’s editions of games. I will always grab Fire Emblem ones when I can, to encourage Nintendo to keep making them, but I tend to forgo grabbing them. The exception is when Story of Seasons and Rune Factory games come up. I have a collection of related stuffed animals to maintain, and I’d hate to miss one. (Pictured: Some of my recent Story of Seasons buddies.) — Jenni

What’s your favorite video game collector’s edition? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter! And read our other handy roundtables for more thoughts from the Siliconera team.

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