What's Your Favorite Holiday Event in a Game?
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What’s Your Favorite Holiday Event in a Game?

There have been many winter-themed events in games over the years that are perfect for getting players into the holiday spirit. To celebrate Holiday 2023, we discuss our favorite Holiday Events in a game.

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Final Fantasy XIV has excellent holiday events almost every year, but there was one particular event (I believe somewhere around Stormblood) that stands out as my favorite. This particular Starlight Celebration had players go to the local orphanage in Ul’dah and help them set up for the holiday festivities. It was heartwarming, surprising, and had some tear-jerker moments, and it was only a random holiday event for two weeks. — Cody

Honestly, I know this is about holiday events in ongoing games, but all that comes to mind when I see that question is Yakuza 5, the definitive Christmas game. Getting to wander a snowy city in mid-December, hearing “Jingle Bells” playing out of store windows, rolling random thugs up into snowmen…you know, all the holiday traditions. That said, I am looking forward to the masquerade vibe of Splatoon 3‘s upcoming Frosty Fest, so I will also say that for an actual event. — Leigh

I have to go with the Feast of the Winter Star in Stardew Valley. The cozy farming sim not only manages to capture the holiday spirit with its adorable Christmas-themed festival, but its gorgeous soundtrack makes me feel nostalgic for the winter season every time I hear it. From the secret gift-giving event, to the little vendor stands with holiday-themed food, Stardew Valley lets you live out the fantasy of celebrating Christmas in a small-town community. Even years after its release, I find myself booting up the game every December just to reach the Winter season celebration! — Brent

Now that we’ve revealed the holiday-themed gaming events that we love, we want to hear what your favorite ones are. Let us know in the comments and happy holidays!

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