When Do Notorious Marks Unlock in Final Fantasy XVI?
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When Do Notorious Marks Unlock in Final Fantasy XVI?

As part of Final Fantasy XVI, Clive can eventually happen upon Notorious Mark monsters in the world or find tips about them at Nektar’s Hunt Board at the hideaway. However, these fights aren’t immediately available. They don’t actually unlock until you’ve played plenty of hours of the game. When it does, you’ll find the first notable foe in this Final Fantasy XVI system you’ll face is a Rank C Ahriman.

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So when can Clive start hunting Notorious Marks like Ahriman in Final Fantasy XVI?

It takes tons of hours until this feature unlocks. The tutorial and introduction to it comes up during “The Gathering Storm” mainline quest. You’ll happen upon your first Mark when you’re on the Rosaria map and on your way to complete the task “Perform the Casting and return to Martha’s Rest.” As you’re running, a cutscene will trigger with an Ahriman.

After seeing it taunt Clive, a slash image showing Ahriman is a Rank C monster will appear. It then notes you’ll get 5,000 Gil and 10 Renown for beating it. I was at level 25 when I stumbled upon it, as was it.

However, the Ahriman isn’t an easy monster to beat! This is because it can inflict “Doom.” This is a common skill for the monster, as it also used it in Final Fantasy IV. If it uses it on Clive, a countdown begins and he’ll die if you don’t kill the Ahriman first. This is how I ended up getting my first (and only) game over in Final Fantasy XVI. As such, I recommend running from this Mark, which is an option, and returning once Clive is at about level 28.

Here’s where you’ll find it on the Rosaria map, so you can easily return to face it.

When Do Notorious Marks Unlock in Final Fantasy XVI?

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