My Hero Academia chapter 403 release date and time
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When Does My Hero Academia Chapter 403 Run?

My Hero Academia is gearing up for the next part of the final battle between the superheroes and villains, with the chapter 403 release date coming up. Fans have had a bit of a wait since chapter 402, but the delayed release date is nearing its end. It won’t be too much longer until fans see the aftermath and what happens next for characters like All Might, Stain, and Deku.

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What is the My Hero Academia chapter 403 release date and time

The My Hero Academia chapter 403 release date is currently set for Sunday, October 15, 2023. This release date comes after a sudden delay for the manga in the midst of its final arc and battle. Chapter 402 released on October 1, 2023, so it would stand to reason that the next one would be October 8, 2023 following the past releases.

However, the manga’s creator Kohei Horikoshi needs a bit more time to wrap up the art and plot for the upcoming chapter. The normally weekly ongoing manga series is taking an extra week to publish the next chapter. The wait will be more than worth it to find out what happens next in the final battle to take down All for One and his forces.

If fans want to read chapter 403 as soon it as releases, they’ll be able to do so on the official Viz media website. Viz publishes the new chapter usually at around 7am PT (10am ET) in North America on release day. Better yet, if you are caught up on the series at this point in time, you’ll be able to read this latest chapter for free for a limited time. The three most recent chapters are available to read for free.

The My Hero Academia manga is available through Viz Media. The anime adaptation is available through Crunchyroll.

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