When You Start Vita DRPG Demon Gaze, You’re Indebted To The Innkeeper

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Sealing demons, exploring dungeons, gathering treasure and making friends is all in a day’s work for our mysterious hero, Oz. Here’s a look at Oz’s everyday life in Kadokawa Games’ upcoming dungeon crawler, Demon Gaze.



Fran is the innkeeper who will be taking care of Oz and friends, by providing them with a roof over their heads. She originally found an unconscious Oz and decided to give him a place to stay. Since Oz didn’t have any money, he will now have to find ways to pay back his debt to Fran by exploring dungeons and finding valuable loot.


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There are various people who stay at the inn; from weapon and armor vendors to morticians who revive your fallen comrades in Demon Gaze. Players will meet other characters throughout the game, but will also need to pay Fran to rent out more rooms in order for them to stay at the inn.



As seen in the image above, there are a couple guests staying on the 3rd floor of the inn. There’s a total of 5 rooms, one which is occupied by Oz and the next one by Lancerona, Oz’s first friend. Together with Lancerona, Oz will explore the dungeons in order to pay off his debt and also open more rooms for new friends to start his journey.



Renting more rooms is how you expand your Demon Gaze party. In return for room and board, the adventurers will help you out in the dungeons. Up to five characters join your party at a time.


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As previously reported, players can customize their own characters by choosing out of various styles, classes, race and more.



Fran will not go easy on Oz and expects every penny of his debt to be paid off. Be sure to gather enough money and items while exploring dungeons with that in mind. Once players return to the inn, paying Fran will be the first thing they’ll have to do. As far as rent goes, the amount varies according to how many members are in the party and their respective levels.


If players can’t manage to pay rent, she will allow them to pay later but they will be put in a delinquent customer status. If you can pay all your rent consecutively, she will reward you with gifts for being an exemplary tenant. There’s a reason Fran is running the inn, but the reason why she needs the money is a secret. If you fail to pay her, she’ll become really ticked off and will show a side of hers that you wouldn’t want to mess with.


Demon Gaze comes out on January 24 for PlayStation Vita.

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