Where Are the Wubbaboo in Honkai: Star Rail Signs of Fragmentum I

Where Are the Wubbaboo in Honkai: Star Rail Signs of Fragmentum I
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Once you finish the Asta Companion Mission “You Already Know Me” in Honkai: Star Rail three difficulties of the “Signs of Fragmentum” sidequest open up. These aren’t too difficult, but instead involve paying close attention. That’s because an objective is finding Wubbaboo. However, because this is a special challenge space, you can’t open the map. However, to make things a bit easier, here are where you can find the four Wubbaboo hiding in Honkai: Star Rail “Signs of Fragmenum” Difficulty I. Note that you should be fine to clear all the extra objectives for bonus Stellar Jades if you’re at level 34.

The first Wubbaboo you need to scan with the camera appears just pass where you enter the area. It’s blatantly floating near a researcher and not attempting to hide itself.

The second Wubbaboo is the one that can get you. After heading into the hallway near the ring around the area, turn around. A Wubbaboo is hovering above the doorway. (I got lucky and found it on the first try, so make sure during these challenges you always check above doorways!)

From here, the hallway has north and south branches. Head south, and right at the corner you’ll see a Wubbaboo near the plants in Honkai: Star Rail “Signs of Fragmenum” Difficulty I.

Finally, head north and go into the long room to find the last Wubbaboo. It’s basically at the dead end, hiding behind a box. So you really need to beat the enemy at the back, then turn around to see it.

As a reward for meeting all objectives, you can get a three-star Guard’s Cast Iron Helmet Relic, 3 Adventure Logs, 3 Condensed Aethers, 60 Stellar Jades, and 6,000 Credits.

Honkai: Star Rail is available for PCs and mobile devices, and PS4 and PS5 versions are in development.

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