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Where Are Wuthering Waves MF Whisperin Cores?

MF Whisperin Cores are items in Wuthering Waves which are used to level up weapons and character skills. There are two primary ways to obtain them. One is by defeating Echoes and another by Synthesizing them. Here’s how to get things done.

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Which enemies drop MF Whisperin Cores in Wuthering Waves?

Whisperin Cores, including MF Cores as well as all others, can be obtained by defeating enemies who can be turned into Echoes. These enemies can be found everywhere in the game, save for towns and cities.

You can see the full list of enemies which drop Whisperin Cores by going to the Guidebook and clicking in the Echo Hunting menu. It is the last option in the list on the left side of the screen. If you click on one of the enemies in the list, you’re able to track them throughout the overworld by clicking on the Detect button. You can also check the list by going to your bag, clicking on a Whisperin Core, and clicking on the Whisperins box.

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How do I synthesise MF Whisperin Cores?

If you have LF Whisperin Cores, but no MF Whisperin Cores, you’re able to Synthesize them to create some. You can Synthesise items by going to the Synthesiser on the east side of Jinzhou. (You may have to zoom in your map a little to find it!)

Once you’ve interact with the Synthesis machine, a menu will pop up. Go to the rightmost button, which opens the Purification menu. This menu is used to Synthesize character materials. Click on the MF Whisperin Core icon and Synthesise the amount that you need. Three LF Whisperin Cores can be used to create one MF Whisperin Core.

Wuthering Waves is available on PCs and mobile devices.

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