where to store resources in Starfield
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Where Do You Store Resources in Starfield?

Resources are some of the most annoying items you can find in Starfield. Items like aluminum, copper, structural materials, and the like are frustrating to deal with, since they can weigh way too much. If you carry around too many materials in this game, you’ll likely become over-encumbered quite quickly. Here’s where to store these resources.

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Best Places to Store Resources in Starfield

There are quite a few places to store resources in Starfield, and one stands above the rest. At the time of writing, there is an infinite storage chest in the game that can hold anything and literally everything. Hopefully this doesn’t get patched but you can find this chest in the basement of the Constellation Lodge in New Atlantis.

If you don’t like going there or this gets patched, there are still other options. For one, your ship’s cargo is a crucial one. In fact, you don’t even have to be in your ship to transfer resources. If you get close enough, you can open the main menu and select your ship. It will then let you transfer items from your inventory directly to it, which is great if you are over-encumbered. You can upgrade or buy a larger ship to have more cargo for resources.

While you could drop your resources on the floor of your ship or home, I don’t recommend this since it is quite messy. Instead, the final option I recommend for storing resources is to build your own place. Homes you buy in the game, such as the apartment in The Well, let you craft storage chests to place items. In addition, you can create massive storage containers at your outposts on planets, which is great for collecting tons of resources in one spot.

Starfield is available for the Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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