Where Is the Bomb King for ‘Weird Science’ in FFXVI?
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Where Is the Bomb King for ‘Weird Science’ in FFXVI?

Out of all the sidequests and Notorious Marks in FFXVI, “Weird Science” and the Bomb King that goes with it got me. Why? because the bomb you need to fight is in a part of The Holy Empire of Sanbreque map that you probably never had to go to, all because the path to get there is minuscule and you probably didn’t need to ever go through that barely noticeable gate. It’s frustrating. I went over that map twice before I found it while searching for chronoliths. I would have given up and not bothered if I didn’t need the Bomb Ember it drops to forge the Excalibur sword for Clive. Stupid Bomb King.

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Where is the Bomb King for ‘Weird Science’ in FFXVI?

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How to finish “Weird Science” and find the Bomb King in FFXVI

Okay. This is all Owain the engineer’s fault. You’ll find him in Mid’s workshop in the hideaway. He wants bomb ash from a project. But it has to be the Bomb King ash. That means going to Nektar at the Hunt Board to find out about bomb sightings. The listing will mention Sanbreque and a Fallen airship. It also says The Crock, which you probably haven’t found yet.

But I found it so you don’t have to. Go to the location in this screenshot. there’s a small open gate between brick walls heading into the forest.

Where is the Bomb King for ‘Weird Science’ in FFXVI

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Okay. So beat the Bomb King up to advance the FFXVI “Weird Science” questline. It isn’t too difficult a fight, though it will summon additional Bombs that can explode and deal a lot of damage. As long as you have some High Potions, you’ll be fine.

Winning that fight gets you 1,000 EXP, 65 AP, 9,000 gil, 20 renown, and a Bomb Ember. (That Bomb Ember material is used for a great sword for Clive.) You’ll also be able to pick up three clearly marked Bomb Ash in the immediate area. Return to Owain at the hideaway. You’ll get 900 EXP, 40 renown, a Black Blood, and the Treated Potion Satchel. That last item’s the best part. It’s a key item that permanently increases how many potions Clive can carry. With it in tow, he can hold six Potions, four High Potions, three Strength Tonics, and three Stoneskin Tonics. It doesn’t increase the number of Lionheart ones or Elixirs, though. This questline also continues in “Even Weirder Science.”

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