Where Is the Honkai: Star Rail Origami Crane in the Supply Zone?

Where Is the Honkai: Star Rail Origami Crane in the Supply Zone
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Honkai: Star Rail is the sort of game that can offer little mini “quests” with rewards that you can incidentally stumble upon while playing the game. For example, you can get a profile picture and some items for removing wanted posters on Jarilo-VI. While going through the actual mission “Requiem Mass,” you might happen upon another. In one room where you meet Adler and a Wubbadoo, there is a PC you can log into. However, you need to get the credentials off of an origami crane. The one you need can be a little tricky to pin down, so here’s where the Honkai: Star Rail origami crane with the password is in the Herta Space Station Supply Room map.

Where Is the Honkai: Star Rail Origami Crane in the Supply Zone

Screenshot via Siliconera

How to gain access to the computer with the Honkai: Star Rail origami crane password.

First, you need to actually gain access to the computer. You’ll need to verify your identity. This part is somewhat easy, as it will recognize the Trailblazer as a “researcher.” However, you should then choose to answer some security questions. There are three correct choices here. However, if you answer incorrectly, you won’t be penalized.

Here’s what you need to select:

  1. Madam Herta.
  2. None so far.
  3. The mystery contained in the Flying Paper Crane.

This will prompt you to search the area around the computer for the paper crane. There are a handful in the room with romantic poems. However, the one you want is just outside the room. I’ve marked it on the map below. If you’re leaving the room, it is directly to your left. If you are entering, it is to your right. Finding it allows you to engage in a new dialogue tree at the PC and enter select the password option “1233211234567.”

Screenshot via Siliconera

Screenshot via Siliconera

The reward for going through this activity is 20 Hertareum to spend at the Herta Space Station world shop and 5,000 credits.

Honkai: Star Rail is available for PCs and mobile devices, and PS4 and PS5 versions are in development.

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