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Where Is the Starfield Abandoned Casino?

In Starfield, The Almagest is an empty casino you can find floating through space. If you dock the special ship and find the jackpot combination, you can score credits and contraband items. Here is where the Starfield abandoned casino is located so you can “win big.”

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Where is the Almagest Casino in Starfield?

The Starfield abandoned casino ship can be found in the Olympus star system east of Alpha Centauri. The floating vessel is called The Almagest and is located directly next to the Nesoi planet. To access the casino, you need to dock your ship by holding down the X button on your controller.

While the casino is technically “abandoned,” it is actually filled to the brim with Spacers ready to shoot on sight. You will need to take out around 20 of the enemy NPCs, which range from level 8 to 14. Once you clear out the Spacers, you will be able to explore The Almagest and find its hidden jackpot treasure.

What is the Almagest Casino jackpot combination in Starfield?

Under the abandoned casino vault is a Jackpot Backend computer. To access it, you will need to enter the open vent and use a special code on the terminal. The Starfield Almagest casino jackpot combination is 12, 19, 36, and 5. Simply interact with the terminal and enter the numbers to access the Payout Winnings of 3,700 credits.

The Jackpot room also has a contraband chest, which has a chance of containing the rare Starfield Xenowarfare Tech item. Contraband is random though, so you may find Mech Components or Va’Ruun Heretic Writings instead.

You can also find the Nova Galactic Manual 10 magazine in the abandoned casino, which permanently reduces the fuel you need to Grav jump by 1%. The rare item is located in the manager’s office in the middle of The Almagest. It’s on the desk next to the computer that contains the jackpot combination.

Starfield is now available on the Xbox Series X and PC.

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