Where to find Sanctum Universum Chest in Starfield.
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Where to Find Sanctum Universum Chest in Starfield

The Starfield Sanctum Universum Chest is an early-game reward that players can redeem if they choose the “Raised Universal” trait in the character creator. If your protagonist follows the new-age religion, you will be able to access the special box of items in New Atlantis. So you don’t miss it, here is where to find the Sanctum Universum chest in Starfield.

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Where do I find the Sanctum Universum Chest in Starfield?

When you use the character creator for the first time, you are able to choose a Starfield Trait called “Raised Universal.” The option establishes that your character grew up believing in the space-based religion. While it mainly has an effect on dialogue choices, the character trait also gives you access to a special Santum Universum Chest full of items at the start of the game.

The Sanctum Universum Chest is located in the New Atlantis Commercial District. To find it, head to the city’s shuttle, located north of the Spaceport and past the US Security checkpoint. Hop on the train and select the “Commercial District” option. After your ride is over, step off the shuttle and continue north past the GalBank headquarters. Eventually, you will see a giant circular golden building, which is the Sanctum Universum. The Sanctum Universum chest can be found immediately to your left after entering the building door.

There are actually other Sanctum Universum chests that you can find throughout the galaxy, such as on Mars in the colony of Cydonia. However, if you choose “Raised Universal,” you will lose access to the Starfield House of the Enlightened Chest, which you get for choosing the opposite “Raised Enlightened” trait.

Starfield is available now for the Xbox Series X and PC.

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