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Where to Get Selfies in River City Girls 2 – Godai’s Selfie Quest


If you’re playing WayForward’s new brawler sequel River City Girls 2 you might notice that not every quest is signposted in a detailed way. Most quests will highlight the location of your next objective, but a few aren’t so clear on their instructions. One such quest is given to you by your buddy Godai, who instructs you to obtain Selfies with your phone camera at certain locations around River City. The issue is he doesn’t say how to get them and where. With that in mind, we’ve come up with a guide on where to get selfies for Godai’s quest. Read on to find out where and how to obtain them.

Getting the Godai Selfie Quest

To do Godai’s quest, you’ve got to talk to Godai. Luckily, side quest notifications pop up when they’re available. Godai should contact you via the Honkr app after you clear the mall area, pinpointing his location at the docks in Crosstown.

Godai will request that you take selfies in each River City Girls 2 zone (except Sanwakai Tower). He rather unhelpfully tells you to “use the camera app on your phone”, which can be confusing, since River City Girls 2 doesn’t have a way to take pictures manually.

What Godai actually means is that you should be on the lookout for special action prompts in the environment. They look like a camera, and indicate a spot where you can take a selfie, and there’s one in each River City zone (except Sanwakai Tower). Putting your character near the prompt and hitting the interact button will take a selfie and clear one of the quest requirements.

You also won’t be able to clear the quest as soon as you get it, as not every zone is unlocked at first. Simply proceed through the story, and as you unlock each zone, you’ll eventually be able to visit the needed area.

Your reward for completing the River City Girls 2 selfie quest is the Muscle Charm, an accessory that maxes out the knockback effect of your heavy and special attacks, sending enemies flying off screen and into walls, objects, or other enemies.

River City Girls 2 Crosstown Selfie Location

The first selfie you can get for the River City Girls 2 selfie quest is located in the mall, on the second floor. Enter the Crosstown mall, and take the exit leading to the escalators.

You’ll arrive at an area that’s under construction, with an open pit and an elevator passing through it. The selfie spot is on the wall of the elevator shaft. You’ll need to jump to the spot once the elevator stops in front of the prompt.

Watch your vertical movement, as it’s easy to fall down the shaft.

River City Downtown Selfie Location

Downtown is the second area you can unlock after Crosstown. You’ll need to fight your way to the heavily gentrified area near the zone’s south exit. You can get there through the subway tunnels, like you did when you unlocked Downtown the first time, or by running over the Crosstown Bridge. The bridge is the more direct route, but can be dangerous thanks to traffic. If you’re later into the game, the closest bus stop is the Food Truck parking spot.

Head to the craft goods stall and climb the ivy on the wall to get to the second level. There you’ll see a heart-shaped plant with the selfie prompt. If the prompt doesn’t appear, try waiting until daytime.

River City Girls 2 Uptown Selfie Location

Accessing the Uptown selfie location in River City Girls 2 requires some main story progress. Specifically, you’ll need to gain access to the nightclub on the far side of the zone.

Once you’re in, you’ll get into a dance floor room just before the boss arena, with a large neon robot on the wall. Jump onto the robot’s shoulder and shoot your shot.

River City Girls 2 Flatirons Selfie Location

The Flatirons district is characterized by a haunted forest that’s easy to get lost in, but thankfully, the selfie location is easier to find. It’s located at the temple area, at the top level. You’ll need to go there after nightfall, so if you arrive in the daytime, you may need to wait a bit for the in-game time to advance.

After the moon rises, you’ll see a dragon making its way across the moon, which activates the selfie prompt. Hit the button and you’ll take a shot with the dragon in the background.

River City Girls 2 Technos Selfie Location

The Technos corporate campus is crawling with goons, but like the Uptown area, you’ll need to unlock your path to the boss arena before you can get the selfie. Proceed with the main story until you unlock the Bio-Sphere location, then make your way through it. On the left side of the laser pit, you’ll see the selfie prompt. Get a picture of yourself menacing some wildlife.

River City Girls 2 Ocean Heights Selfie Location

Ocean heights might be the toughest location to grab a selfie from. But that’s not because the area is difficult or dangerous, but because it requires some finesse or actual luck to grab.

The selfie prompt is located on Parade Street, where a parade runs from one end of the area to the other. The prompt is located on top on the Abobo float leading the parade, and moves with the float. You’ll need to jump on top of the float, or onto the float’s mechanized Abobo fist to grab the selfie. For whatever reason, I couldn’t actually jump on the surface of the float itself, so I ended up having to jump up and down in front of the prompt, hitting the button to trigger the selfie.

Luckily, you can try again if the float moves off-screen by leaving the area and reentering it.

River City Girls 2 River City High School Selfie Location

The last location is in the game’s penultimate zone, River City High School. It’s almost impossible to miss, as it’s in the film studies room, which you pass through on your way up to the roof. The selfie prompt is on the desk.

Once you land the selfie in River City High, the River City Girls 2 selfie quest should complete automatically, depositing the Muscle Charm accessory into your inventory. Equip it and enjoy knocking enemies all the way across the screen with bear power.

River City Girls 2 is available on Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Check out Siliconera’s official review.

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