Where’s Waldo? Possibly Hiding In Your Wii U

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Funny thing, that Wii U  Wii Street U powered by Google. It’s a fun little time waster, allowing you to explore the world through Google Map’s Street View.


The app has gotten an update in Japan, and one of the cuter things it has added is a bit of a Where’s Waldo (Or Where’s Wally if you don’t live in the US and Canada) twist, by throwing in characters into the maps in various spots.


Alongside that fun little bit is a new route taker where you can use Street View to observe how a route you plan out or ask for will look like on the way there. It could be useful for those looking to orientate themselves before getting into their cars.


There’s also the addition of a new “Slideshow” function that shows the places of the world. And if you didn’t actually know what Where’s Waldo is, we heartily recommend the nearest bookstore to check out the very fun series of books.


Wii Street U powered by Google is available on your Wii U as a paid app. It was previously free.

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