Which Baldurs Gate 3 class should you pick
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Which Baldur’s Gate 3 Class Should You Pick?

Baldur’s Gate 3 can be quite the overwhelming game. Not only is it full of hundreds of hours of gameplay, but you have immense customization options available to you. With 12 rich classes, each with their own subclasses, in this game, it can be tough figuring out which Baldur’s Gate 3 class you should pick.

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Best Baldur’s Gate 3 Class If You’re a Beginner

For those players who are beginners and have never played a game in this series before, there are some classes I recommend. Here are the Baldur’s Gate 3 class you should check out:

  • Fighter: This warrior class is quite simple. You get up close and bash your enemies, but it has some solid freedom in its fighting styles and more.
  • Sorcerer: One of the simpler magical classes, it’s fairly straightforward in learning new spells and using them. Great for beginning magical users.
  • Ranger: There is a bit of depth to this class but it mainly focuses on ranged physical combat and your possible animal companion. This makes it fun but not too overwhelming for newcomers.

Best Classes if You’re an Experienced Baldur’s Gate Player

If you are a player who has played a game in this series before or checked out similar Dungeons & Dragons-style RPGs, these are the classes I recommend for you and why:

  • Monk: While Monk might not be the most confusing class, it takes some skill to get the best out of it. In an experienced player’s hands, this can be a broken and surprisingly amazing class.
  • Warlock: There is a lot of surprising depth to the Warlock, including changing up spells and its intriguing subclasses. While a newcomer could try it out, you might want some experience with this type of game first.
  • Druid: While there might be the allure of transforming into animals for all players, it takes some experience to make full use of these limited skill sets and the Druid’s varied abilities.

Best Classes if You’re Playing Baldur’s Gate 3 Alone

These are the classes that work quite nicely if you are playing solo in the game, with or without companions fighting with you.

  • Paladin: This tank-like class can do anything, such as dealing damage and staying alive.
  • Barbarian: This is one of the most powerful melee classes, perfect for solo players.
  • Wizard: The varied subclasses and summons make this great for solo players.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Classes to Pick if You’re Playing With Others

These are the classes I suggest for complementing teammates in multiplayer.

  • Rogue: You can be the sneaky assassin, dealing intense damage while your teammates distract enemies.
  • Cleric: This is the perfect support class. You can heal your team and even have a hybrid-like subclass.
  • Bard: Bards are excellent support as well, able to boost allies and even heal them.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is available for the PS5 and PC, and it will release for Xbox Series X/S in 2023.

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