Which Characters Can You Recruit in Fire Emblem Engage Stages?

Which Characters Can You Recruit in Fire Emblem Engage Paralogues and Stages?

As is common in Fire Emblem games, Fire Emblem Engage features a few characters you can recruit, but could also miss. Some of these show up in Paralogues, while others appear in chapter battles as guests or even opponents. There are four in particular who might be tricky to get or overlooked.

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Editor’s Note: There will be spoilers regarding Fire Emblem Engage characters you can recruit below.

The first character you’ll get a chance to recruit is Jean. He’s a medic and essentially the “villager” of Fire Emblem Engage. Once you gain access to the world map for the first time, a Paralogue will open up in the Tea-Field Village. If you take part in that fight and send Alear to speak to Jean, he’ll join your army.

The second optional character to recruit is Fire Emblem Engage’s version of Anna. Right before you get the chance to head into Brodia, a Paralogue will open up at the Bandit’s Hideout. Anna will hide herself in a chest there, though she’ll also hop out and be on the move once enemies get moving. Use Alear to talk to her, and she’ll join your crew.

Which Characters Can You Recruit in Fire Emblem Engage Stages?

When it comes to the third one, you’ll need to get Alear or Diamant over to her rather quickly. In Chapter 9, Jade will be in the field. Talking to her recruits her. Since she’s a rather sturdy armored unit, you should be able to reach her before she’s hurt or killed.

In Chapter 18, you’ll get a chance to turn an enemy into an ally. Lindon is a part of the Elusian forces on the righthand ship. At the outset of the battle, he’ll express concerns about the war and his actions. Send Alear over to speak to him, and he’ll join your cause.

Finally, you’ll meet Saphir in Chapter 19. She’s come to Elusia after hearing about what’s going and wants to aid the Brodian princes Use Alear to talk to Saphir, and she’ll become a part of your army too. Like Jade in Chapter 9, she is fairly strong and can handle herself until you arrive.

Fire Emblem Engage is available for the Nintendo Switch.

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