Which Evidence to Use in Honkai: Star Rail’s Unexpected Turn of Events How to Solve

Which Evidence Should You Present in Honkai: Star Rail’s Unexpected Turn of Events

The Honkai: Star Rail Unexpected Turn of Events side quest involving Asta and Arlan is a bit different. That’s because while there is still the element of exploring an area and fighting some enemies, there’s also an investigation element. You also don’t immediately get this Herta Space Station mission right away, and need to play a bit before it unlocks. However, once you and Peppy are on the case, it isn’t too difficult to figure out which evidence to present and how to complete it.

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How to start Honkai: Star Rail Unexpected Turn of Events

First, you need to hit a Trailblaze Level and finish a campaign quest. First, you must finish “Long Wait for the Blade’s Edge” on Jarilo-VI. After that, you need to get to Trailblaze Rank 12. Once you do, Asta will send you a text message and ask for your assistance. You’ll then need to meet her at her usual spot at the Master Control Zone on Herta Space Station to begin Honkai: Star Rail;s Unexpected Turn of Events and start the search for Arlan with Peppy.

What follows isn’t an entirely straightforward quest. You actually need to make some correct choices to continue the case. The game is forgiving and lets you repeat the segments in case you mess up, however.

How to get and use evidence in Honkai: Star Rail Unexpected Turn of Events

Most of this mission is straightforward! You follow Peppy. You talk to the people in the area the dog leads you. In some cases, you fight an enemy or boss there. (Note that I got my Trailblazer and Bailu to level 20 and Dan Heng and March 7th to level 17 by this time.) However, there are two instances during which you need to make the correct choices.

In the first one, you’re trying to get evidence from fans of a professor named Capote, who previously talked to Arlan and gave him advice. You need to choose the following three dialogue options in order to get the Master Capote’s Fan Reply Card, Master Capote’s Life Wiki, and Master Capote’s Limited-Edition Snapshot from his fan club.

  • Nod in approval
  • Spares no effort in praising
  • Threaten Capote with dismissal

The other critical moment comes at the end of the Honkai: Star Rail Unexpected Turn of Events questline, when you need to help Asta present the pieces of evidence to Arlan. You’ll have gotten quite a bit from talking to Capote, Dan Heng, and March 7th. However, these are the three that must be submitted in order.

  • Master Capote’s Life Wiki
  • Arlan’s ID Pass
  • Photo of Arlan’s Back

Once finished, you get a number of rewards. You get a Peppy profile picture, “fReeStyLE” for the Phonograph, 6 Adventure Logs, 60 Stellar Jades, 100 Hertareum, 350 Trailblaze EXP, and 20,000 Credits. Also, after this mission you’ll sometimes see Arlan on the Astral Express when you visit the Parlor.

Honkai: Star Rail is available for PCs and mobile devices, and PS4 and PS5 versions are in development.

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