Which Final Fantasy Remake Do You Want to See
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Which Final Fantasy Remake Do You Want to See?

Final Fantasy is a series that has endured through the tests of time, with each entry presenting a new story and oftentimes gameplay systems to the player. With the success of Final Fantasy VII Remake, and the upcoming Rebirth, it’s no surprise that there many who may want another remake of an entry in the series. We’ve shared some of our top contenders for a potential remake, but feel free to let us know what you’d like to see in the comments!

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For me it has to be Tactics. While I consider a lot of Final Fantasy games to still be pretty playable, Tactics just has a lot of design choices that don’t gel with me, even with the updates in War of the Lions. That said, the story is a classic among classics and the Tactics genre itself is one of my favorites, so I’d love to see it get some more love like the recent Tactics Ogre Reborn— Elliot

I’d love to see a remake of Final Fantasy IX. It’s got such an amazing story and wonderful characters. While the original PS game still holds up, its outdated and slow combat system might not be for everyone and I, for one, find it difficult to return to that play style after so many QoL improvements in today’s turn-based games. Final Fantasy VII and X are also strong contenders for the exact same reasons. — Stephanie

I know it would be impossible to accomplish, but I’d love to see a Final Fantasy VI remake. That is such a rich story, with so many different perspectives. A lot of iconic characters and elements from over the years appeared there. Plus, we have to acknowledge that Kefka is one of the best villains in the series and both Terra and Celes are incredible heroines. It’d be a lot of fun if it was somehow possible to bring this one back. — Jenni

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