Which Hololive Vtubers Would You Recommend Watching?

whos best hololive vtuber pekora

Vtubers keep increasing in popularity, with companies worldwide like Anycolor and Cover adding more to their rosters. With new generations adding four or five people at a time, it can be a lot to keep up with! Especially if you consider language barriers. So let’s talk about the people we think are the best Hololive Vtubers we think people should consider watching.

I’m honestly more of a Nijisanji girl, but if I had to pick a favourite VTuber associated with Hololive, I would choose the legendary Usada Pekora. Konpeko, konpeko, konpeko~ Her laugh is infectious, and I really like both how funny she is, and her friendship with the other girls. I especially like the way that she and Moona both try their best to communicate with each other, despite the language barrier between them. Since I generally do not have the attention span to watch an entire stream, I stick to kirinukis, and Pekora is the only Hololive VTuber I consistently seek out videos of when I’m bored. I hear Gawr Gura is really popular, but Pekora is the only blue Hololive Vtuber for me. — Stephanie

I’ve also been spending most of my VTubing time with Pekora thanks to her recent Fate anime watch party streams, but my introduction to the world of VTubers and Hololive was the famous dog, Inugami Korone. Like many, I first discovered her when her fans posted Korone’s now world-famous DOOM playthrough. Her combination of infectious enthusiasm, cutesy vocal affectation, and violent tendencies made for an irresistible aura. — Josh

I don’t really watch the Hololive Vtubers gameplay streams or skits, so my “best” judgment comes down to the best singers. I’m a big fan of IRyS’ songs, but Tokoyami Towa is just incredible. Her range is amazing. Every track she’s released so far is fantastic. “My Roar,” “Error,” and “Fact” are all some of my favorites. Also, she did an amazing duet with Hololive EN’s Hakos Baelz called “Blooming in the Mud.” Give her a chance and she’ll blow you away with her voice.

Also, I know he’s only just getting started, but I have a good feeling about the Holostars EN Vtuber Machina x Flayon. His debut stream was amazing and kicked off with this fantastic animated segment. His personality is very different from the other Tempus members. His banter with other members, like Magni Desmond, is fantastic. Plus the character designs is cool. Also, some of his first streams involved Daemon x Machina and Hatoful Boyfriend. I’m looking forward to seeing his progress, because I think Machina x Flayon has the potential to be one of the best Hololive Vtubers. — Jenni

Jenni Lada
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