imageThe Akiba’s Trip 2 site has a link to a flash game where you "help" run a maid cafe with characters drawn by Excel Saga artist Rikdo Koshi. Help is in quotes because all you do in Management! Big Bro and Me! Maid Cafe is click like crazy.


The game has two gauges, blue is the service meter and when it’s full you’ll serve food. Pink is your mood gauge and when that drops to zero you won’t be able to click for a couple of seconds. The virtual money you earn can be used to buy costumes for the maid character once a day.


Acquire says there is some kind of twist to the game. Players are connected to "big bros" all over Japan playing Big Bro and Me! Maid Cafe. The money earned is tallied up and if the total sum earned by everyone reaches the rank of Japan’s national budget there will be a special reward. Acquire didn’t say what the reward is, though.

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