White Day 2: The Flower That Tells Lies Officially Announced by Sonnori

White Day 2

Sonnori Corporation has announced a new White Day game. The game is titled White Day 2: The Flower that Tells Lies, indicating that it is an immediate successor to White Day: A Labyrinth Named School rather than a remake or spinoff like The School: White Day or White Day VR: The Courage Test.

The short announcement trailer depicts images of flowers and insects accompanied by tense music. Dripping text reads, “Born as a flower but never was the one. So I became the lie swallowing the truth.” Outside of the title, the trailer doesn’t contain any information about what people can expect from the game when it releases.

This is not the first time Sonnori Corporation has announced a White Day 2. In 2016, the company announced White Day 2: Swan Song for the PlayStation VR, but missed the anticipated 2018 launch. It isn’t clear if White Day 2: The Flower that Tells Lies is a new project name for Swan Song or something new entirely. The original teaser site for Swan Song is still up and still mentions the 2018 launch window.

The release date and platforms for the new game weren’t announced. The trailer didn’t offer details in terms of where the game would release or what languages would be available, either. The trailer itself is available in English and Korean on Sonnori Corporation’s YouTube Page.

Benjamin Maltbie
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