White Lie Sepia World Exudes Menace, But Also Love, For Its Plush Bunny Hero

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White Lie mixes fear and warmth as its plush bunny hero seeks its missing owner, with players guiding the fluffy protagonist across sepia landscapes.


White Lie utilizes two mechanics. In one, the player explores the world around them looking for clues and mementos that will show where the bunny’s owner, Emma, may have gone. As they find these mementos, they will trigger the second mechanic, where players can walk through the memories Greg the bunny has of his time with Emma, living them out. These are designed to connect the player with their relationship, drawing them into the game’s narrative.

This sepia-toned adventure will have players exploring a world that shifts in tone, following the loyal bunny on his journey to his owner. Despite the heartwarming theme of the journey, the world is both unsettling and surreal, creating a mixture of fear and love in the player’s travels.


White Lie is currently in development, and players can follow its creation through the game’s site.

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