White Noise 2 Forces Players To Survive Together With Its Multiplayer Horror



Online multiplayer horror game White Noise 2 puts players onto teams of four investigators, tasking them with finding eight tapes in each area to stop the monster’s power. Another player will be playing as that monster, though, so players will have to work together to escape.




As investigators, players need to find eight tapes in whichever map they are playing on, wandering dark, twisted locations to find them. Players can choose from several different investigators, each with varied stats for speed, stealth, flashlight battery life, and other aspects, allowing players to better equip themselves to survive. Some of these characters will need to be unlocked through playing matches, though.


Should players stumble across a monster, they can use their flashlight to temporarily stun it while the light is on them. Monsters will also cause a drain on the player’s sanity as players look at them, though, creating a dangerous balance that must be struck. Should a player die, though, they can wander the match as a ghost, offering helpful information to the remaining living players.




The game features several monsters for players to choose from should they wish to kill their friends, instead. Each beast offers different behaviors and attacks, creating different survival situations for the players to have to endure.


White Noise 2 has recently left Steam Early Access for its full release, but the developers promise to continue adding content and improving upon the game.

Alistair Wong
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