Earlier today, Capcom published a market data report illustrating the division of videogame market share in their home territory of Japan, based on data shared with them by Enterbrain. Below is a list of Japan’s top ten videogame publishers and the market share they each hold:


Company NameNet Sales (millions of yen)Share
1. Nintendo68,00020.9%
2. Square-Enix38,00011.5%
3. Namco Bandai34,00010.3%
4. Pokemon121,0006.4%
5. Konami21,0006.3%
6. Capcom20,0006.1%
7. Sega13,0004.1%
8. Level 510,0003.1%
9. SCE8,0002.6%
10. Koei7,0002.3%

1. Likely refers to The Pokémon Company, a division of Nintendo established for handling marketing and merchandising of the Pokémon franchise.


Additionally, Capcom shared that they are the #10 publisher in North America, with a market share of 2.55%, based on data revealed to them by the NPD Group. Unfortunately, the NPD Group asked that they not name the other publishers, although, common sense would dictate that Activision Blizzard, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft and Nintendo are all contenders.


In the United Kingdom, Capcom hold the #15 position on the same chart, with a market share of 2.1%.


Company NameNet Sales (unit: USD 1,000)Share
1. Nintendo437,65416.5%
2. Electronic Arts432,25716.3%
3. Activision398,11515.0%
4. Ubisoft239,1489.0%
5. SCE126,5934.8%
6. Sega124,5984.7%
7. Microsoft119,2084.5%
8. THQ113,3974.3%

15. Capcom54,9582.1%


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