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Who Are the Moonstone Island Crossover Spirits?

One of the fun things about Moonstone Island is that there are actually crossover spirits from games like Cassette Beasts, Slay the Spire, and Terraria show up. One appeared right away, and others joined later. Thanks to the base game and free updates, you can happen upon all of them fairly easily.

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Which crossover Spirits are available in Moonstone Island?

Well, the first one you should be aware of is the Terraria crossover in Moonstone Island. That ended up appearing in the June 2023 Wholesome Direct. It is the Coolslime that is an Earth Spirit. It is a green slime, even when “shiny” wearing a backwards baseball cap. It’s a handy buddy, since you don’t need to use energy to feed it during a fight to get its health up or apply buffs.

Next is Radlad, from the game Ooblets. It appeared in the game at launch. This is a Poison type character, and it adds stamina gain from crop consumption as its special talent.

The third one to appear is the Spyreling. It ended up being added to the game after launch, back when the Moonstone Island and Slay the Spire bundle appeared on Steam. It is a fire type that is handy due to it being able to apply Rage to itself and Burn to an enemy spirit when it breaks the opponent’s armor.

Who Are the Moonstone Island Crossover Spirits Slay the Spire
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Finally, there is the Cassette Beasts crossover in Moonstone Island that brought Pombomb to our collection of Spirits. It is a fire type, as you can guess, and adding it to your team gives you the chance to get Explode+ cards in your deck each turn. It only just joined the roster in May 2024

Keep in mind that while this is it so far, there is a chance we could see more crossover spirits in Moonstone Island. This is because whenever there is a DLC update, there’s usually a free one also accompanying it.

Moonstone Island is available on the Nintendo Switch and PC.

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