Who Says Otome Games Can’t Be Fitness Focused?



Creative Freaks released the original Burn Your Fat With Me!! (iOS / Android) back in 2012 with its special brand of “moévation.” Now the company has released the sequel, called Burn Your Fat With Me!! for Girls for iOS. There’s also an Android version available in Japan-only for now but a US version is planned.


As with the original, this sequel is a dating sim in which you’re encouraged to exercise by a character who insults you by calling you “fattie,” but the different is that it’s targeting girls this time around, instead of boys. (Of course, you can play either of the games no matter what gender you are.) That means instead of being egged on by a cute girl holding your feet down as you do sit-ups, there’s a cute boy giving you the motivation you need to exercise.



“Unlike mainstream fitness apps, the focus of BYFWM!! is to motivate the player to start and maintain a workout routine through a story-driven game that casts them in the middle of a Japanese school romance? after all, love is the greatest motivator!” writes Creative Freaks.


The first part of the game focuses on abdominal training with sit-ups. More episodes are to be released that have you working out different parts of the body. There are three different guys that are all fully voiced by Japanese voice actors. You can find out more about the game on its website.

Chris Priestman