Who’s the Best Naruto Character?

Who's the Best Naruto Character?
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Ever since its debut in Weekly Shonen Jump in 1999, Naruto has grown into a worldwide phenomenon. With its popular Shippuden anime adaptation and spin-off series consisting of decades of material, we wanted to discuss who we think is the best Naruto character in the entire franchise.

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I feel like Gaara is such a cop-out answer because who doesn’t like Gaara? But no matter how I rack my brain, I can’t really think of a Naruto character I legitimately like more than him (I like Itachi too, but I feel like Itachi is also everyone’s favorite). His character arc was really intriguing, his character design after the time skip was super nice, and Ishida Akira knocked it out of the park with his performance. My only complaint about Gaara is that I don’t like to play as him in the Naruto games. — Stephanie 

I adore Kakashi and think he’s the best Naruto character. He’s a good teacher who cares about his students but isn’t above being a little silly and childish sometimes. Which is especially appreciated, seeing he can have those moments considering his past. I want only the best for him and all his dogs. — Jenni

Maybe not the most conventional answer, but my favorite character in Naruto is Hinata Hyuga. While the series has many great arcs, I really related to her journey from starting out as a shy person to becoming an absolute warrior. Considering she could only speak a few words when Naruto is first introduced to her, it’s just incredible to see her fight alongside him as the series progresses. I think many people can relate to her story of being timid due to wanting to please others. That is why I found it so satisfying when she eventually finds her voice and becomes a formidable foe who can stand by Naruto’s side. — Brent

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