Which One Piece Character Do You Like Best?

Who’s the best Which One Piece Character Do You Like Best
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The cast of One Piece is massive, with hundreds of major and minor characters. From heroes to villains and even incidental folks who show up briefly in movies or spin-off games, there are lots of people to love. For this week’s Siliconera Speaks Up, we decided to talk about the ones we like best, even if they might not be the strongest or most influentual.

Chopper is definitely the One Piece character I like best. Why? Well, because he is also one of the better mascot characters in the anime world. His character design is good. He’s genuinely helpful both as a supporter and strong fighter. Plus he’s got a story arc I enjoy. — Jenni

I guess many people will choose a member of the Straw Hat pirates or the Warlords of the Sea for obvious reasons, but my favorite character must be Koby. I just love how much he grows throughout the series through his perseverance and arduous training. His journey kind of mirrors Luffy’s, but shows what he is able to do without the power of a Devil Fruit. I think he encapsulates that sense of hope and personal growth that is such a key part of One Piece. — Frank

My favorite One Piece character has to be Ace. He’s a cool, fun dude with an awesome Devil Fruit power, but for as incredibly strong as he is, he only ever wants what’s best for the people he cares about. He goes way above and beyond to help the people who need him and does it all with a smile. — Adam

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