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Who’s Who In Professor Layton And The Azran Legacies



Let’s meet the cast of characters in Professor Layton’s upcoming adventure, Professor Layton and the Azran Legacies. This time around, Professor Layton and his assistants Luke and Emmy will be investigating the mystery behind a living mummy found in the snowy city of Snowrassa.


Professor Layton

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Hershel Layton, an archeology professor at Gressenheller University, London. Our beloved professor is also known for cracking down the many unsolved mysteries around the world. What kind of tools will he be using this time around?



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Luke Triton, 12 years old. Professor Layton claims Luke as his number one disciple and is well respected by the young lad. Luke has the ability to speak to animals.



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Emmy Altava, 26 years old. Latyon’s second assistant. She may look cute but is a strong willed woman. It’s still a mystery as to why she’s going alongside Professor Layton. We may understand why in the upcoming game.



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Foster Thiman is the one who sent Layton a mail regarding the mystery. He’s a key figure in the research of the ancient civilization of the Azran. He’s quite the gentleman and is also very passionate about his research. He’s supporting Layton and the others, however, not much more is known about the man.



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Aria is actually from the lost civilization of the Azran. She was found frozen in ice within the deep layers of a cave. After awakening from her several hundred years of slumber, she decided to join Layton in solving the mysteries behind her people.



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Bronev Reinel made an appearance in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask, where he took over the Nautilus Chamber of Akbadain with overwhelming force. Now that Bronev and Targent have control of the three legacies, what could they be up to now?


Professor Layton And The Azran Legacies is scheduled to come out on February 28th, 2013 for Nintendo 3DS.

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