image 3D Dot Game Heroes is only a PlayStation 3 game. OK, why? I brought the question to Takehiko Terada, President and CEO of Silicon Studio, the developer of 3D Dot Game Heroes.


“If people are waiting for an Xbox 360 version it’s not going to happen,” Terada explained to Siliconera in an interview. “It’s not a problem with technology, it’s the strategy of the publisher.” From Software published 3D Dot Game Heroes in Japan. Atlus is publishing it in North America and have said in a press fact sheet that 3D Dot Game Heroes will be a PlayStation 3 exclusive. Silicon Studio’s middleware and tools that developed the game are designed for multiple platforms, namely PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.


Check back next week for the full interview with the President of Silicon Studio. How and why they got into game development may surprise you.

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