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Why The Legend of Legacy Won’t Have Any DLC



The Legend of Legacy director Masataka Matsuura recently spoke of recapturing the magic of the ‘90s RPGs with his upcoming 3DS game. One thing the ‘90s didn’t have was downloadable content, and the director explains in his interview with Inside Games why the game won’t include any.


During the interview, Inside Games ask whether The Legend of Legacy will have something like a New Game+ mode, where enemies get tougher after beating the game.


“On that topic, Mr. [Kyoji] Koizumi has a unique idea… but actually, yeah, the enemies will become stronger,” Matsuura replies with a laugh.



He continues, “I see that as a reward. If you get too strong, battles become kind of a chore. So, for players that become better (good enough to beat the game), it will be something that provides them with the next stage [of challenges].”


Inside Games then ask if that’s a way to aim for allowing players to further taste the entertainment from a game that has fun battles.


“Yes. However, I felt that that alone would be a little bland, so I’ve also suggested a little extra as a bonus,” responds Matsuura. “Kind of like how [developers] have been using DLC for that purpose as of late—just a little something different that can be enjoyed.”


While on the subject of DLC, Inside Games then ask if FuRyu have any plans to include it in The Legend of Legacy.


“There won’t be a single piece of DLC. That’s pretty rare nowadays,” Matsuura replies with a laugh. “I didn’t want to allocate any of our development budget to that. We’re going with the philosophy of simply focusing on the game as a whole.”


Finally, Inside Games ask what would the director like to hear from players when they get to play the game for themselves.


“Hmm… I think that hearing things like ‘the battles were really fun’ and ‘it was difficult but fun’ would make me really happy,” says Matsuura. “I really want them to get that fun feeling you get from beating the odds.”


The Legend of Legacy will release in Japan on January 22, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

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