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Wii U, PC Dark Fantasy Adventure Hazewalker Now Has An Alpha Demo


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Siliconera spoke to David Pierce, designer of the Symphony of the Night-inspired Hazewalker, and now the game is up on Kickstarter in search of $100,000 in crowdfunding. Half of that funding will go towards improving the animation and rigging of the character models.


It’s a dark fantasy 2.5D Metroid-like in which you play Falken, the only man or woman capable of resisting the effects of the ancient curse known as Haze.


You’ll travel across hand-drawn environments, using your abilities to dash between your enemies and through traps, slashing up anything that tries to stop you with your sword.


As you progress you’re able to customize your character by enhancing your abilities, as well as recovering tools for for other survivors to transform into arcane items and enchantments.


You can download an alpha demo of the game for Windows, Mac, and Linux at the top of the Kickstarter page. You can get a copy on the Kickstarter for PC or Wii U at the $15 tier.


Hazewalker will also be coming to Wii U, and Pierce gave Siliconera the lowdown on how that version likely differ from the PC and other console versions, so give that a read when you get the chance. If the $120,000 stretch goal is reached it will also come to PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

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