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Wild West PVP Shooter Secret Ponchos Arrives On PS4 On December 2nd


Switchblade Monkeys has revealed that its top-down wild west PvP shooter Secret Ponchos will arrive on PlayStation 4 on December 2nd. Further, it will be completely free to PlayStation Plus members for the entire month.


Secret Ponchos is inspired by fighting games and spaghetti westerns, and is meant to be played by between 2-8 players at a time as they battle it out online. It also supports two-player split-screen so that two of you can play online, or you can go against each other in 1v1 local matches.


Initially, there will be five different playable outlaws with more to come. They each come with guns, blades, and signature moves. For two examples, Kid Red throws dynamite and uses a devastating “sixgun” attack, while Phantom Poncho prefers a whip to grab opponents and a shotgun to stun them.



You can use cover to duck behind cover, but also use it as a way to remain out of sight while setting up ambushes with other players on your team. You’ll want to play dirty to survive in Secret Ponchos, and the longer you’re alive, the bigger the bounty is on your head, encouraging others to hunt you down.


Secret Ponchos will also be available on PC as well as PS4, and is currently available in its unfinished form on Steam Early Access. You can find out more about the game on its website.

Chris Priestman