Winged Sakura: Mindy’s Arc Is Part Visual Novel, Part Tower Defense, All Anime



Canada-based studio Winged Sakura Games is bringing its tower defense and visual novel mish-mash Winged Sakura: Mindy’s Arc to Windows, Mac, and Linux this October.


The game follows Mindy who is able to see into the future. This ability came to her after she entered a contract with a cherry blossom (known as “Sakura” in this fantasy world), which ties her life with the flowers; if one dies so does the other.


The downside of gaining the flower’s abnormal powers is it means Mindy has to defend herself and the Sakura from waves of monsters that come to kill them. This is where the game branches out into a visual novel and tower defense game with some RPG levelling.



You have to defend Mindy from these enemies by summoning various animal and demonic spirits to attack them. Unfortunately, these spirits only last a few seconds and cannot be moved when placed on the lane-based battlefield, meaning you have to keep attentive and move fast.


Almost all of the monsters you defeat can be captured and summoned to fight on your side. In between levels, you’ll also want to buy new gear, enchant, and upgrade your summons to make them more effective. Outside of the battling, you’ll also get to know the characters across the game’s 10-hour long story.


After you’ve beaten the game you unlock a Survival Mode to put your skills to the test, as well as a Marathon Mode that works the same as Survival except you’re able to upgrade every five waves of defeated monsters.


You can vote for Winged Sakura: Mindy’s Arc to come to Steam on Greenlight. You can find more information on the game over on its website.

Chris Priestman