Wishmere, A New Pixel Brawler With Lots Of Punchy Combos


Class-based brawler Wishmere is now available to purchase for Windows in Early Access on, Steam, and soon the Humble Store too.


There’s also a Hero Edition available to buy that adds the digital art book ”The Art of Wishmere” to the package once the full game is released.



Wishmere’s main features are an intricate combo system based on fighting games, class-based abilities, and skill upgrades. It supports single player and local multiplayer for up to four people, and will also come with a training mode.


The plan for the final version of the game is to have seven unique playable characters, eight stages with their own individual boss battles, dialog, more balancing, improved animations, and new modes: Classic Mode, Arena Cup Mode, New Game+ Mode.

Chris Priestman