In Witanlore: Dreamtime, The Bear Men Go To War With Sword And Shield

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Druid Gameworks, a studio composed of ex Elder Scrolls modders, have released details of their first/third person action RPG, Witanlore: Dreamtime, on Steam Greenlight.




Witanlore: Dreamtime focuses on its bear/humanoid race, the Ursines, putting the players in control of one of their warriors. There are going to be variants within the Ursine race that will give the player various racial powers as well, as well as player customization within each race.



Once you have created your bear, you’ll be able to explore the game’s open world, taking on quests, following the story, exploring the lore of the Ursine people, or making game-changing decisions as you see fit. Doing activities in the world rewards the player with power for their totem, which will make them stronger with chosen buffs and abilities.




The game promises a unique dungeon diving and reward system to ensure that all dungeon crawls are worthwhile to the player, although does not go into details on how this will work. Witanlore: Dreamtime is projected to release this Summer.

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