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With A Little Programming, You Can Make Your Own DS And 3DS Games

imageSmileboom made the ultimate DSiWare download for homebrew fans. Petit Computer adds the computer language BASIC to the Nintendo DSi and soon the Nintendo 3DS.


After you download the program you can write loops, draw graphics, and create sounds to make your own video game. Petit Computer includes tools like a character graphic tool and a background scene tool to ease users into development. Games made with Petit Computer are saved to an SD card and can be exchanged online.


Below are clones of Pong, Arkanoid, Tic-Tac-Toe, and Snake.


image image image image


It is possible to make games with more advanced graphics like WizFight (left) and Shoot! (right) too.


image image


Petit Computer costs 800 DSiWare Points ($8) and is available now on Japan’s DSiWare Store. SmileBoom will release an updated version for the 3DS when the 3DSWare store goes live at the end of May.

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