Wizard’s Symphony is Arc System Work’s latest entry in the Sega Saturn series Wizard’s Harmony, and recently more information was revealed about the gameplay and a new female character named Astel. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]


Wizard’s Symphony takes place 20 years after Wizard’s Harmony, in a world where swords and magic are more advanced than science. In this world, the number of adventurers continue to increase with no end, and as such there has been a boom in businesses that service these adventurers. The story starts in Kazan, a town built over the remains of a magic kingdom named Granska which was destroyed over a thousand years ago. There, Alto Traverse and his colleagues work as “Conductors”, who guide adventurers through nearby ruins.


Previously, we covered Alto, Spica, and Merak, and this week a mysterious girl named Astel was introduced.


Astel (CV: Masumi Tazawa)

astel 3


A young girl who was found sleeping inside the ruins. She has memory loss, and calls Alto “Master” for some reason. She’s the calm type, but is also quite uncouth.


Astel attacks using a unique attack style that boasts high firepower.


Gameplay and Screenshots:

astel 2

astel 4


Wizard’s Symphony is a ‘hack and slash’ orthodox dungeon RPG, where players explore dungeons, defeat enemies to level up and get new gear, and power up to venture further into the dungeons.


astel 5 astel 6

astel 7 astel 8

astel 9


Apart from taking quests in town, there are many fully-voiced character events in the game.


The “Harmonics” affinity system returns!

astel 10

astel 11


The series’ traditional “Harmonics” affinity system returns, and how compatible the characters are will affect their performance in battle. Players should also consider each character’s set skills when forming a party.


Wizard’s Symphony will release for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

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