The Wolf’s Bite Pits Players Against Each Other In Competitive Fairytale Storytelling

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The Wolf’s Bite is a competitive storytelling game for two players, whether both of them take turns making narrative decisions in a fairytale about the Big Bad Wolf trying to open a restaurant despite sabotage from the Three Little Pigs.


The Wolf’s Bite follows the Big Bad Wolf’s failures with his demolition company, and his new attempts to turn his life around with a new restaurant business. Meanwhile, the Three Little Pigs, who are none too happy with the Wolf’s work on their houses, conspire against him and mean to ruin his new business.

Players will control either the Pigs or the Wolf, making decisions on how to improve the business or make trouble for the other party on each turn. The Wolf’s Bite’s story can head down three-hundred-and-seventy-five unique paths depending on the decisions players make or don’t make, steadily heading to the game’s twenty possible endings. Between both players, they will tell a unique tongue-in-cheek fairy tale.


The Wolf’s Bite is available now on Steam.

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