Wonder Gravity Trailer Introduces Key Characters, Features Including 10 vs. 10 Guild Battles



Sega shared a new trailer for Wonder Gravity, their upcoming smartphone game that features “Gravity Users” in world without land or ocean and humans co-exist with pint-sized beings from the stars.


Wonder Gravity is set in a world with no land or ocean, and humans live with a tiny race known as the Pino. Humans become “Gravity Users” by simply eating the fruit of Pino.


The story starts out when the protagonist Hugo receives a message from his father who had gone missing. In the message, Hugo’s father says that he reached a place known as “Endroll” at the very bottom of the world, and it is said to have a mysterious power.


Together with a Pino named Neil who wants to help his sick childhood friend, Hugo becomes a Gravity User to seek the place called Endroll… however, he won’t be the only one looking for it.


The battle system is called “Drive Lane Battle” that incorporates characters and lanes in battle. It has everything from special attacks, healing, and focusing, so you’ll get to take on opponents with your own play style strategies.


The 10 vs. 10 guild battle mode is called “Astro Ball.”  It’s a big sport that is played by Gravity Users in the open sky. The game also has avatar customization with all kinds of different equipment to change the looks of your character.


Wonder Gravity launches for iOS and Android in Japan in 2018.

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