Work x Work Shows Off A Staff Meeting In Action

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Yesterday, we reported on how Work x Work will have Pochio listen in on staff meetings between the enemy character actors in order to find out how to instruct the guests, and FuRyu uploaded a new video today that shows the meeting in actual gameplay footage.


The meeting is for the Dwarf Grill Mine dungeon, which is set up for beginners. Therefore, the staff have set it up so that enemies weak to fire will appear. However, because the dungeon is for beginners, the treasure at the end isn’t very valuable at all.


The purple enemy, Scala, then talks to Pochio, saying that it is in charge of healing, so it should be defeated first. Zamuru is the acting boss of the dungeon, and mentions that he’ll be buffing his attack stat with a battle shout. Umiushi-chan mentions that it’ll be lowering the guests’ speed.


Here’s the video below:


Work x Work releases for Nintendo Switch in Japan on October 4, 2018.

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