Working Together Is Necessary To Survive Zombie MMO Dead Maze


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Cooperation is key in zombie MMO Dead Maze, as scavenging for items, fighting undead, building shelters, and starting a new life again is a much easier affair when you have some allies to back you up. 


Players will find undead hordes wandering every street and building in Dead Maze, but there are tons of things players can use as weapons as they fight together. Anything from a piece of wood to a teddy bear can be grabbed in a pinch to wallop a zombie, so when the horde starts to draw near, players should grab anything they can get their hands on to fight back.

The zombies aren’t the only thing that can harm the player, though. Thirst, hunger, and fatigue will all factor into a character’s overall health, and players will have to manage all of them with materials, food, and knowing when to back off from exploring and crafting.


As players work together across the world, they’ll be able to craft useful materials using the items they find out in the dangerous cities. As they start to stockpile items, they’ll slowly be able to build full shelters where they can catch their breath, decorating their homes with furniture and objects. They can also collect animals they can raise, or seeds they can plant to grow crops, allowing them to be less reliant on exploration as often.

Dead Maze is available now on Steam.

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