World of Demons Demonstrates Its Smooth Action Gameplay Expected Of PlatinumGames



PlatinumGames and DeNA are teaming up for a free-to-play action RPG called World of Demons for smartphones, and we got a new look at its gameplay that shows how it plays along with developer commentary.


Check out the gameplay footage courtesy IGN below:

In World of Demons you’ll play as characters like Onimaru and Sayo who were demonstrated in the gameplay. Onimaru has more of a straightforward playstyle while Sayo has longer reach and is speedier but slightly weaker so you have to go in and use her attacks and get out before taking too much damage.


The game offers touch-based controls to attack and you’ll use the touch screen to create symbols for finishing moves. Additionally, there are over 80 yokai to collect, and you can bring up to three into battle. The yokai have different attack spells, elemental buffs, and support techniques. You can acquire them from battles and gacha.


Yokai can be fused and refined while the samurai characters can customize and upgrade their weapons. The game offers a skirmish campaign, the asynchronous “Yokai Showdown” PvP, and cooperative Samurai Stronghold matches where you can team up with characters of your friends.


World of Demons releases in Summer 2018 for iOS, and will follow with an Android release.

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